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A Totally free open-source ERP Solution

Zero Software Cost

Save 100% on software ownership and licenses

ERPNext Software Tailored for Industrial Marketplace
Unlimited Users,
No user-based charges

Allow organizations to scale without incurring additional licensing costs.

ERPNext Solutions Enable Organizations to Expand Within the Industrial Marketplace
Up to 90% savings on operating cost

Tailored user experiences to improve productivity and efficiency.

Optimize industrial productivity and efficiency with tailored user experiences, powered by ERPNext solutions
Up to 80% shorter implementation cycle

The implementation cycle can be reduced by as much as 80%.

ERP solution for manage and automate companies data
Analytical Dashboards

Provides real-time data visualization and insights, facilitating informed decision-making and improving operational efficiency.

Email Notifications

To automate communication, improving efficiency and reducing delays in decision-making.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Caters to unique business requirements and regulatory compliance, improving operational efficiency and accuracy.

Extreme User Level Personalization

Provides customized interfaces and workflows that increase user adoption and productivity.

SMS & WhatsApp Integration

Facilitates communication and enhance collaboration with stakeholders, even when they are offline.

Fully Customizable Approval Management & Printing templates

To automate approval workflows and improve document accuracy and consistency.

Total ERP Solution & GST compliant

Provides end-to-end integration, facilitating efficient and accurate tax management.

CSV used for nearly all transactions data import/export.

Enables seamless data transfer across platforms and applications.

Excellence Reports with custom report building feature

Allowing organizations to extract valuable insights and drive informed decision-making.

ERPnext platform for industrial software

Maximize efficiency, Minimize complexity with ERPNext system


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which refers to a type of software used to manage and automate a company's core business processes, such as finance, accounting, human resources, and supply chain management. The goal of an ERP system is to provide a single, integrated view of an organization's data and processes to improve decision-making and streamline operations.

ERP for manage and automate company's business
ERPNext: Empowering Industrial Users to work Efficiently

Integrated ERP System for a better business.

Our integrated technology streamlines business processes and improves overall performance.

ERP next solution for manage companies data
ERP solution for property analytics
Assets Management
Industrial advisory services
Customer Service
Industrial business approvals
Industrial ERP solutions
Inventory Management
Industrial Marketplace ERP nextPlatform
Quality Management
Industrial Marketplace Platform for business approval
BOM Operation & Planning
Industrial Marketplace Platform ERP solutions
ERP platform for Technology and Project Management
Production Management
Technology and Project Management
Inventory Management

Core Modules

ERP systems integrate business processes and data into a centralized system for increased efficiency and productivity.

Enterprise business Management
  • Multi-level Bill of Material

  • Shop-floor Management and Capacity Planning

  • Inventory Management

  • Automatic Material Request for Items

  • Material Resource Planning

  • Subcontracting

  • Reporting and Dashboards

Manufacturing Management

A full-featured business management solution that helps businesses of any size to record all their business transactions in one system

Human Resource Manager for businesses
  • Talent acquisition management to attract and retain talent

  • Managing employee information

  • Training and employee onboarding

  • Managing employee attendance, leaves, loans, advances, and expenses

  • Configurable salary structures and payroll processing

  • Password-protected salary slips

Human Resource Management

A comprehensive set of features and functions to manage your human resources across your organization. Includes Payroll processing and skills development modules.

Customer Management for startup business
  • Receive incoming calls and store contacts

  • Automate assignments for your sales team and track their efficiency

  • Manage the customer life-cycle, right from lead generation to conversion

  • Send personalized quotations, orders, and invoices as per your brand

  • Send and receive emails directly from the system

Customer Relationship Management

Managing customer data and engaging with customers is what keeps business running smoothly. CRM modules feature customer acquisition and support modules.

Technology and Project Management for startups
  • Enhance Overall Productivity

  • Easy Cost Tracking And Budget Management

  • Early Risk Mitigation

  • Easy Task Delegation

  • Bring Organization-Wide Collaboration

  • Improve Project Planning And Scheduling

Projects Management

Planning projects ahead of time enables you to allocate budgets and estimate deadlines more accurately. Includes time tracking and customer billing modules.

Customized Solution

ERP customization involves modifying and adapting an existing ERP system to better align with the unique needs and processes of a particular business.

Manufacturing unit for industrial property

Manage multi-level Bill of Materials, plan and track production with Work Orders

Trading for startups

Improves efficiency by integrating inventory management, order tracking, & accounting processes.

Construction project for industry

Improve project visibility, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration among stakeholders.

Industrial marketplace

Improve project visibility, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration among stakeholders.

ERP for multiple project management

Management multiple restaurants and hotels with table and room booking

Startup advisory services and ERP platform

Optimize complex processes, promote collaboration, and facilitate informed decision-making.

ERP solution for project management

Manage patients, practitioner schedules and their reports with appointments, consultations

ERP for multiple agriculture

Manage multiple farms, crops, growing cycles, crop diseases and much more

Why MarsBazaar.Com?

Our Keen focus on technology

Industrial Marketplace Platform - Properties, Vendors, Financing, Marketing

We are experts in implementing ERP, CRM, HR, and SCM solutions.

ERP solution for project

Continuous augmentation of
technical teams

ERP next solution for business tech needs

Customized and flexible solutions for
your unique tech needs.

ERP next solution for business tech innovations

Ongoing exploration of new tech innovations

ERP next solution for business tech needs

Continuous assistance for sustained success.

ERP next solution for advance technology

Proactive investment in advance technology such as RPA, AR, AI

ERP next solution


with our innovative ERP solution.

ERP Platform for manage and automate data
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